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We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.

Ernest Hemingway

During a particularly difficult time in my career, I stumbled upon John Sonmez‘s Youtube channel. It was called Simple Programmer after his blog by the same name. He has since renamed it to Bulldog Mindset. In case you want to watch a particularly inspiring video, check out the one below:

His videos really helped me push through those difficult times and inspired me to become a better developer. I also explored his blog Simple Programmer and found many useful articles that have really helped me. Apart from advising on software development career, John also does a good job of motivating you for continuous improvement in other areas of your life.

Who is John Sonmez aka Simple Programmer

John is a former software developer who worked hard to become a leading expert in his field. Later on, he became a consultant making over $500 per hour for his services. By the age of 30, he became a millionaire and now makes most of his money as passive income through his blog, Youtube channel, and PluralSight courses. Even the free content that he provides have a lot of value and his channel is worth subscribing to.

What Simple Programmer is about

He not only inspired me to become a better developer but the fact that he is exceptionally fit also inspired me to be a better person in general. There are a lot of channels on youtube who make motivational videos but John specifically caters to the software people amongst us.

The central theme of the blog Simple Programmer is that you don’t need to be overwhelmed by the complex. Start with the basics, take baby steps and build upon slowly. He guides you on making the complex simple. Don’t get intimidated my advanced data structures or algorithms. Start with basic programming constructs and slowly build upon them. If you follow his advice, sooner or later you will be ahead of the crowd by a huge margin.

The benefits of blogging

One of his best article is Blogging for Software Developers. I had read about blogging for developers before. A blog can really help a developer’s career if done the right way, but I never got the motivation to start one myself. I always felt it was too time-consuming to provide me enough value. But this article by John Sonmez finally drove home the point. Over the long term, a blog will really provide a lot of benefits for your career.

First of all, regular posting improves your writing skills. Writing in plain English really helps you to communicate better. Communication skills are extremely important for a developer. In your career, you have to deal with a lot of non-engineers: business analysts, project managers, customers and so on. If you can communicate well, it will increase your value and put you far ahead of the nerdy coders who ignore the softer skills.

Blogging as a tool for motivation

A blog can also be a great motivator for continual learning. As you document your journey as a programmer, you will be able to look back on the progress that you have made which will encourage you to go further.

I did have a penchant for writing since school. I was very fond of the English language, even though I’m not a native speaker. Part of the reason was an extremely pretty teacher, but that’s a discussion for some other time. I was a voracious reader since school. I also started writing as a hobby later on.

After reading this article, I really felt that a blog can not just help my career but also improve my communication skills. I was thinking about starting a blog for some time. John’s course finally pushed me to take action for my goals.

John has made a free course called Blogging for Software Developers. I found it very precise, easy to follow and would recommend anyone planning to start a blog related to software. If you want to begin your journey as a technical blogger, look no further and give this course a shot.


If you are want to start a blog related to software, I really recommend checking this course out. It’s very short and covers all the essentials that you will need to start a blog. Trust me, you gotta try it to believe it. You will learn a lot about yourself and acquire skills that will prove valuable in the long term.

I hope you at least explore the course even if you don’t plan to start a blog anytime soon. The ideas presented in the course will definitely broaden your horizon and when the time is right, maybe you will finally decide to start your own blog too. Do take a look and leave a comment if you find this post useful. Until next time, happy coding.

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