MongoDB with NodeJS: Part 1

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MERN stack development

365 Days of code: Week 6

Last month I finished M001: Mongo DB Basics (with 100% score, yeah it’s that easy) from MongoDB University.

This month it’s time for the next relevant level, M220. Now this course comes in three variants: Java, JS and Python. I decided to go with JS as I was already familiar with connecting to MongoDB in Java and I seem to pickup Python rather easily, like everybody else.

M220JS: MongoDB for JavaScript Developers

This course introduces the Mongo driver to connect a node.JS app to a Mongo Atlas cloud database. I have pushed the initial project code to GitHub.

Below you can see a terminal cast of running the application.


Below is the GitHub repo of the downloaded project provided in the course. It’s a simple node.JS application for studying basic CRUD operations on MongoDB.
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