365 Days of code: Week 5



Two weeks back I got selected into an on-premise coding boot camp called AltCampus in Dharamsala, India. In the earlier blog post, I had documented my solution to a simple HTML and CSS problem which also included a self-introduction within itself. It was part of the selection process to AltCampus, apart from a webcam interview and an online application.

The problem is not too hard for anyone willing to put in some effort. At the same time, it serves the purpose of weeding out anyone not having a serious desire to learn. This makes sense as coding boot camps are meant to be intensive for accelerated learning.


Now, the next step before moving to AltCampus: all the selected participants are supposed to go through a few pre-course units. I have started with the assignments and finished the two units on the UNIX command line and environment setup. Next, we have is git fundamentals. This will be the first topic where I know I have knowledge gaps and hence this is where my deliberate practice starts at AltCampus.


Following are the resources suggested to learn git, in that order. I’m not going into teaching git on this blog as other people have done a far better job than I ever would.



I found the above tutorials easy to understand and concise. Below is a recorded terminal session.


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